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Bike Patrols

You may have been greeted recently by police officers on bicycles. These police officers have a GPS Monitoring system to keep track their patrol activity in Forest Park Southeast.

This is a successful initiative that utilizes police officers on bikes to patrol the residential sections of Forest Park Southeast. The initiative is headed by The City’s Finest, a patrol company managed by Charles Betts, and sponsored by Washington University Medical Center. Charles Betts was 9th District Officer of the Year in 2006. The company employs officers who are familiar with the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood and who are dedicated to a continued decrease in crime. Through the initiative the officers are on patrol on average of 20-25 hours a week. The bike patrols have been very successful in reducing crime and developing a positive rapport between the police and the community.

If you have questions or you would like to report any suspicious activity in Forest Park Southeast, contact the bike patrols using this anonymous phone line: 1-877-STL-FPSE or by e-mail: FPSE.Bikes@gmail.com

A representative from the bike patrols are present at each monthly safety and security meeting.

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