St. Louis crime data for the month of June is now available, and below is a summary of crime in Forest Park Southeast:

  • 31 Total Crimes
    • 63.16% increase compared to June 2018 (19 crimes)
      • Decreased: auto theft, burglary, homicide
      • Increased: larceny
      • No change: arson, assault, rape, robbery
    • 9 crimes against persons (5 assaults, 4 robberies)
      • 10.00% decrease compared to June 2018 (10 crimes)
    • Crime occurred most frequently on Sundays and Thursdays.
  • 114 total crimes so far in 2019
    • 16.33% increase compared to this point in 2018 (98 crimes)
      • Decreased: assault, burglary, homicide, rape
      • Increased: auto theft, larceny, robbery
      • No change: arson
    • 25 crimes against persons so far in 2019
      • 30.56% decrease compared to this point in 2018 (36 crimes)

Map of all crimes in FPSE, June 2019:


Click here for a more detailed overview of June crime in our neighborhood.

***Please note: This will be my last month as the WUMCRC safety and security intern.  My replacement has not yet been found, so future monthly reports may be delayed depending on how soon a new intern is hired.  We greatly appreciate your patience during this time of transition.  If you or someone you know is interested in the position, please contact Jes Stevens at